The Reports page contains information about Statewide Testing results. These results are provided by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) at the individual student, school, district and state level. The types of results that are available for statewide testing are listed below. Access to results will vary by district, depending on your district policies. Secure data resources require approval by your District Assessment Coordinator (DAC). Once the test results have been accessed, it is imperative that the interpretation resources are used alongside the results to fully understand the intricate details of the data and how to use it. There are also cautions to heed when using the data.

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Data Resources

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) Scale Score Resources

A scale score is created when a raw score, based on questions answered correctly, is translated into a different scale. The reason scale scores are needed is because they allow for comparisons on the same assessment (i.e., same test, grade, and subject) across multiple years.

North Star Resources




PearsonAccess Next

A teacher must be assigned to a user role and reporting group(s) by their District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) to view On-Demand Reports and Historical Student Data in PearsonAccess Next. Please note, only District Assessment Coordinators and Assessment Administrators have access to the Longitudinal Reports and Published Reports. Contact your DAC or School Assessment Administrator to discuss what access you may have to PearsonAccess Next or how that data is provided.

On-Demand Reports are preliminary test results, and final results are included in Longitudinal Reports, Historical Student Data, and Published Reports.

  • Preliminary On-Demand Reports - Preliminary results are available for the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) and the Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS) within an hour after testing or data entry is completed. Preliminary student results provided in PearsonAccess Next can be printed and shared with students, families, and staff for instructional purposes; however, it is up to the district to determine how preliminary student results will be shared. On-Demand Reports are available until final assessment data are released.
  • Historical Student Data - The Historical Student Data Report includes historical MCA and MTAS results for students who previously tested in the district, and for students who are currently enrolled in the district regardless of where they tested.
  • Longitudinal Reports - Longitudinal Reports include historical MCA and MTAS results for review and comparison at the student, school, district, and/or state level by administration, performance, and student group.
  • Published Reports - Published Reports include the final versions of reports provided to districts by MDE.