Testing 1, 2, 3: A Resource for Teachers

Test data is an effective tool for informing instruction. This website is designed to help teachers harness that data by providing helpful ways to understand, interpret and ultimately use test data in the classroom.
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1. Understanding Test Data

K-12 Academic Standards

The first place to start is the K-12 Academic Standards area. Districts are required to have standards aligned curriculum to ensure that students have access to high-quality content and instruction. Districts must develop local standards for subjects that do not have state standards. Resources are provided to help districts in this effort.

State standards are revised on a schedule approved by the Minnesota Legislature. You can follow the current revision process on this page (see revision schedule below). Please subscribe to this page to receive email notices when new information is added.

Assessment Videos

Please review the "System of Assessments" videos to get a complete understanding of the purpose of assessments used to collect data and how each type of assessment plays a role in the educational system.

MCA Score Application

Data from the Minnesota Assessments should contribute to a larger body of evidence when making educational decisions at an individual, school and district level. The MCA data is not intended to be used in isolation; it is intended to be used alongside all data points gathered throughout the year. When looking at the MCA data, educators need to ensure they are also looking at their local formative and interim assessment data points. The MCA data and reports generated are one measure among many that educators should use when making decisions about curriculum and instruction.