Plan and Teach

Communicate high expectations to all students  

Before assessment practices can reveal reliable evidence of student learning, the following must be implemented in the classroom first:
  • A clear instructional plan that outlines long term goals based on the Minnesota Academic Standards
  • Targeted learning goals that articulate smaller, lesson-sized chunks of learning for all daily lessons
  • A routine of communicating learning goals and corresponding achievement levels in student-facing language

Planning effective long term and short term learning goals helps establish clear expectations for teaching and learning, around which a comprehensive assessment system can inform both teachers and students. When students understand the learning goals, they develop a better sense of what mastery looks like, which can increase motivation and self-regulation of learning. When instructional goals are lacking or are poorly communicated to students, assessment systems fail to produce reliable data about learning or teaching.

Plan and Teach Resources are outlined below:  

  • Standards Based Learning Goals - Educators can explore recommended planning resources to develop and evaluate standards-based curriculum and instruction 
  • Success Criteria - Educators can explore recommended resources to map achievement levels to the Minnesota Academic Standards

Plan and Teach Infographic Preview Image

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