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Promote a collaborative culture of evidence use with students and staff

Minnesota's Data and Assessment Literacy Initiative 
The data and assessment literacy initiative seeks to support educators and school leaders in their journey to use data across all levels of the system (classroom, school, district and state) to make decisions. This support is designed to prevent data from feeling overwhelming, so data can be used as a powerful tool to continuously improve teaching and learning for all Minnesota students.
The goal of the initiative is to increase educators’ and leaders’ confidence in using data and assessment to guide culturally responsive instruction and decisions by:
  • Applying a critical equity lens to the knowledge and skills needed for educator data use and 
  • Providing resources, tools and a conceptual framework that can be adapted for use within a school or district’s local context. 
Collaborative Minnesota Partnerships to Advance Student Success, COMPASS, is a statewide education collaboration between the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), Minnesota Service Cooperatives and Regional Centers for Excellence. Through this partnership, educators, school staff and school leaders will have opportunities for professional learning and coaching, along with coordinated support from experts.

COMPASS offers support for schools in the areas of Literacy, Math and School Climate and Mental Health using the Minnesota Multi-Tiered System of Support (MnMTSS) framework with a focus on data and assessment literacy and evidence-based practices. Data Assessment Literacy Support is outlined in the pages below.

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