Take Action

Promote a cycle of continuous improvement for all students and staff

Adjust instruction and assessment practices
  • Translate student results from analysis into action.
  • Reflect deeply on the effectiveness of instruction and assessment practices with reference to the learning goals.
  • Adjust instruction promptly.
Communicate feedback to students and collaborate with other educators to influence change in your school
  • Communicate feedback clearly, and tailor it to specific students or student groups, so students build confidence and self-motivation for their learning
  • Collaborate and communicate with colleagues to influence change in your school systems that may be hindering student learning
  • Explore questions such as:
    • Why are my students not demonstrating proficiency of certain learning goals?
    • What learning gaps can we address as a team to improve student outcomes?
    • Are there barriers that exist in our school that are negatively impacting student learning?
    • Can we improve our vertical alignment as a department by creating common assessments aligned to Minnesota Academic Standards?