Alternate Assessments


The MTAS provides a snapshot of student learning of the academic standards.

Minnesota's alternate assessment, the Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS), is the standards-based accountability assessment designed for, and limited to, students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. It is designed to measure student progress toward Minnesota's academic standards and meet the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Students who receive special education services and meet the eligibility criteria may take the MTAS. 

The MTAS will be transitioning over to a new assessment in each subject area as new academic standards are implemented.

With the transition to new academic standards, MDE is developing the Alternate MCA, a redesigned alternate assessment that will replace the MTAS. The timeline for the first administration of the Science Alternate MCA is school year 2024–25, Reading Alternate MCA is school year 2025–26, and Mathematics Alternate MCA is still to be determined based on the standards revision schedule.

The resources below support educators in understanding the changes with the transition from the MTAS to the Alternate MCA.

MTAS video preview image