Analyze multiple types of data   

Analyze data with a clear purpose
  • Educators analyze data effectively in order to identify learning gaps, evaluate assessment alignment with learning targets, and ensure equitable outcomes for all students.
  • Educators form conclusions about what students know based on evidence, and use the evidence to answer questions like:
    • What does this data tell me about what my students currently know, and what they can do?
    • What are they not yet able to do, and where do we go from here?
    • Are certain groups of students performing better than others, and why?
    • Are my instructional strategies working for all student groups?
Use multiple types of data when forming conclusions about student learning or making decisions
  • Use multiple data points as evidence to support conclusions about student learning, and do not assume students achieved the learning goal without evidence that shows appropriate level of understanding.
  • Use student data effectively to monitor and measure student progress toward their learning goals.
  • MCA data is not intended to be used in isolation to make high stakes decisions; it is intended to be used alongside all data points gathered throughout the year.

Analyze Resources are outlined below:   
  • Reports- The Reports page contains information about Statewide Testing results. These results are provided by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) at the individual student, school, district and state level.
  • MDE Data Center - The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Data Center Resources page provides a variety of resources to aid in the interpretation of data provided by MDE. 

Analyze Infographic Preview

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