Analyze assessment results at all levels of the system  

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) provides statewide testing results at the individual student, school, district, and state levels. The types of results that are available for statewide tests are listed below. The statewide test results are not intended to be used in isolation as a diagnostic tool for curriculum and instruction, since they represent a snapshot of student learning from one day. When reviewing MCA data, remember to always use local evidence about student learning like formative and interim assessment data gathered throughout the school year, before making any decisions that could impact students.
When reviewing results, it is also important to ´╗┐refer to the interpretation resources and purpose documents listed at the bottom of this page in order to fully understand the intricate details of the data and how to use it. Access to results will vary by district, depending on district policies. Secure data resources require approval by a district's Assessment Coordinator (DAC). A list of contact information for each district's DAC can be found here


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Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) Scale Score Resources
A scale score is created when a raw score, based on questions answered correctly, is translated into a different scale. A common question from educators is why are scale scores needed? Scale scores are needed for the MCA because they allow individual student scores to be categorized into the four achievement levels: Does not meet, Partially meets, Meets, and Exceeds the Achievement Standards.
Why statewide test results matter 
Minnesota’s statewide tests are objective, standardized measures of student achievement on academic or proficiency standards. Students, families, teachers and administrators use statewide test results as part of a comprehensive system for evaluating learning. Answers to frequently asked questions explain the purpose for statewide testing and why it is important to ensure the integrity of test scores: Frequently Asked Questions: Why Statewide Test Results Matter.

Reports from Statewide Testing

Reports available in PearsonAccess Next

The reports listed below can be downloaded in PearsonAccess Next ( > Reports). You must be assigned to a user role and reporting group(s) by your District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) in order to view these reports. Please note, only District Assessment Coordinators and Assessment Administrators have access to the Longitudinal Reports and Published Reports. Contact your DAC or School Assessment Administrator to discuss what access you may have to PearsonAccess Next or to request a report you don't have access to. To find your DAC's contact information, visit MDE-ORG (MDE Homepage > Data Center > Schools and Organizations (MDE-ORG) > Contact Lists > District Assessment Coordinator)

  • Preliminary On-Demand Reports are available for the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) and the Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS) within an hour after testing or data entry is completed. Preliminary student results provided in PearsonAccess Next can be printed and shared with students, families, and staff for instructional purposes; however, it is up to the district to determine how preliminary student results will be shared. On-Demand Reports are available until final assessment data are released.

  • Historical Student Data includes historical MCA and MTAS results for students who previously tested in the district, and for students who are currently enrolled in the district regardless of where they tested.
  • Longitudinal Reports include historical MCA and MTAS results for review and comparison at the student, school, district, and/or state level by administration, performance, and student group.
  • Published Reports include the final versions of reports provided to districts by MDE (Rosters, ISRs, and Benchmark Reports).
Individual Student Reports
The Individual Student Reports (or ISRs) are the official report of the final MCA or MTAS test results. They include the student's overall test results and performance for each subject. If a student does not participate in a test, the reason will be included in this report. Paper copies of the ISRs are shipped to the districts when results are final. Districts are required to distribute the ISRs to families in the fall. Electronic versions are available under Published Reports. 
MCA and MTAS Rosters 
Rosters show a summary of student test results on a grade-level report. Aggregate summary results are available to help teachers, schools, and districts make instructional and policy decisions.
Benchmark Reports *Newly redesigned for 2019 results
Benchmark Reports are available under Published Reports in PearsonAccess Next, and are provided to districts in the fall. The primary purpose of these reports is to provide a visual model for school and districts to analyze student performance data broken down by each benchmark from the academic standards. They can help identify possible gaps in instructional content that educators may find relevant and important.
These reports have been redesigned for the fall release in 2019, and may now be used to compare data across years or between schools and districts. One important caution to keep in mind is that it is not possible to assess all benchmarks from the state standards on the MCA. This is due to their complexity and that some benchmarks can only be assessed in the classroom. These reports should always be used in conjunction with classroom assessments when identifying gaps in instructional content.