Formative, Interim and Summative Assessment

Use multiple types of assessments  

The Minnesota K–12 Academic Standards division works with teachers to set statewide expectations for student achievement in our K–12 public schools, so that all students have access to high-quality content and instruction. Student mastery of the standards is measured through a combination of classroom, school, district, and state assessments for formative and summative purposes.
Summative assessments in the form of statewide tests provide some of the information used to determine if school systems are teaching the standards in reading, mathematics, and science. However, it is important for educators to recognize the results of statewide summative assessments as one of many factors that inform the design and implementation of their curricula.
The statewide assessments are used often in isolation, to make high-stakes decisions (i.e., teacher performance reviews and charter school authorizer renewal decisions). MCA assessment results should not be used alone when informing instruction or high stakes decisions. Rather, they should be used alongside formative and interim assessment data. 
The videos below were created to help educators better understand the different types of assessments and how to use each type to make informed decisions.

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Comprehensive Assessment System Resources

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