Join an Educator MCA Review Committee

Use your experience to have an impact on students throughout Minnesota  

As a teacher in Minnesota, you play the most important role in creating equitable opportunities for all Minnesota students. If you are interested in using your knowledge and experience to help develop quality state assessments for Minnesota students, please join an Educator MCA Review Committee!  
What are Educator MCA Review Committees?
Educator committees are an opportunity for Minnesota teachers to review new test questions and provide feedback about their value, before the questions are used on the MCA. Teachers are an invaluable asset to the creation of assessments. MDE needs teacher feedback to ensure the MCA content is equitable and relevant for all student demographics and learning contexts.
When do Educator MCA Review Committees meet?
The educator committees are 2 to 4 days in the spring and summer-- the perfect time for teachers to participate in professional development opportunities, and a great time to collect clock hours!  
If a committee is needed during the school year, a school is reimbursed for substitute costs. Retired teachers and non-teachers (or teachers participating on non-contract days) receive an honorarium. During the summer, school employees not under contract receive the honorarium. MDE will provide travel reimbursements and a small honorarium; in addition to meals and continuing education units. 
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For more information, read the Item Review Process infographic or visit the Educator MCA Review Committee Webpage.