Get Involved

Use your experience to have an impact on students throughout Minnesota  

As a teacher, you play the most important role in creating equitable opportunities for all Minnesota students. If you are interested in using your knowledge and experience to help in the development of quality tests for Minnesota students, please check out the opportunities below to become involved with the Division of Statewide Testing: 

Professional Development Opportunities
Pearson’s Training Management System (TMS) provides teachers with online webinars and training about Minnesota assessments and educational data. To get started in TMS, select your district and school. Then select the tab that best describes your role in statewide testing, or the topic you want to learn more about.
Minnesota Assessment Life-Cycle Video Modules
These modules provide an overview of the Minnesota assessments, while also exploring topics like MCA Achievement Level Descriptors, Standard Setting, Test Development, Test Construction, Scoring and Reporting, and Test Specifications. 
Visit the Assessment Literacy tab to access the modules in the Training Management System. 
Data and Reporting Webinars
These recorded webinars cover topics about data and reports that can be found in MDE’s Data Center. The webinar topics include: Changes to Minnesota Graduation Rates, Early Childhood Longitudinal Data System (ECLDS) and Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (SLEDS), Data Reports and Analytics, Secure Repots, and Minnesota Report Card.
Visit the Data and Reporting tab in the Training Management System to access the webinars. 
Professional Development Requests
To request in-person or online professional development from MDE’s Statewide Testing Division, please contact Kendra Olsen, at or 651-582-8542.

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